Crisis Support Services

In the Berkeley Area

Our crisis services are for individuals who are on the verge of, or are currently experiencing, a mental health crisis. Our crisis services include use of our peer-run respite room, located in the Berkeley Drop-In Center, whereby community members can request a wellness call from our mental health crisis team. Crisis response from the Peer-Led Crisis Response & Respite Center is available from 9am – 4pm, Monday through Friday.

People’s Place

Peer-Led Crisis Response & Respite Center

Launched in 2022, People’s Place serves as an alternative to law enforcement and/or clinical psychiatric response to non-violent mental health emergencies in the local community, and seeks to diminish the consequential rise of the incarceration and hospitalization of persons experiencing mental health challenges. People’s Place is currently funded through a contract with the City of Berkeley to provide expanded access to evidence-based services for individuals experiencing, or on the verge of experiencing, a mental health crisis; and to reduce instances of hospitalizations, incarcerations, and disparities in access to high-quality treatment for Berkeley community members. The Peer Crisis Response Program is operated within Alameda County, which has been documented to have the highest rate of involuntary 5150 holds in the State of California.

The Peer Crisis Response & Respite program is 100% peer-developed and operated, in alignment with trauma-informed recovery principles and the peer-support values of self-determination and connection. The Peer Crisis Response & Respite Program is the first 100% peer-managed crisis stabilization and peer respite service in the City of Berkeley. Guests are self-referred and may choose from a variety of self-directed healing modalities. We offer a non-medical alternative to traditional emergency room and in-patient care. Guests must be able to take their own medications. The program includes educational and support groups, training, and opportunities for volunteerism. We support folks who are feeling overwhelmed from mental health challenges, substance use challenges, re-entry after incarceration or military service, and unhoused residency.

100% Peer-led Crisis Response:
Our crisis response services ease the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, despair, and panic through SAFETY and CONNECTION. This experience of safe connection offers a non-judgmental, peer-supported space within which individuals can find hope and explore new methods of dealing with overwhelming feelings and circumstances. We do not deploy law enforcement to any emotional emergency.

Peer Respite:
Our respite center is staffed with Peer Crisis Response Specialists. These are people with personal knowledge of experiencing a mental/emotional health emergency. Request a Wellness Call: Our staff will respond to calls from the local community for help for someone experiencing emotional overwhelm.

This program is for community members in the Berkeley area who are experiencing struggles with their mental health.

Community Services

In the Bay Area

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Community Support

We offer a variety of helpful peer support groups as well as housing support resources, including programs like the Berkeley Drop-In Center, Reaching Across, Reach Out, and the Tenant Support Program (TSP).

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Our crisis services are for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Use of our respite room is included, located in the Berkeley Drop-In Center. Crisis response is available from 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

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Peer Support Training

Our Peer Support Specialist 80-hour training program, part of our BestNow! program, allows participants to become certified as a Peer Support Specialist in California while learning to engage with our peer values.

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